Welcome to Blue Mountain Apartments

Blue Mountain Apartments is located next to Reebok Fitness, in a large light brown/white colored building.

The entrance of the house is located on the North side of the house, with a large Blue Mountain Apartments sign above the door.


To get into the building you need to enter a code on the keypad next to the entrance.

The door will open automatically when you’ve entered the code.


You have received your apartment number in the check-in info email.
The first number of the apartment number will tell you on what floor the apartment is.

You can choose to use the elevator or stairs to go up to your floor.

To access the apartment you have to enter a code on the electronic lock on the door. 

You have received the code in the check-in info email.

from 7:00 ( 7 AM) - 22:00 (10PM)

+354 5393076

Emergency phone, after office hours

+354 5393905