Welcome to The New Post Office

The entrance is on the other side of the building, when you walk up to the building at Vestmannabraut From the street (Vestmannabraut) you’ll see red Post office signs pointing you into the right direction.




You’ll have to drive/walk around the building to get to the entrance. 

Go between Einsi kaldi (they grey house) and the white New post office house, walk along the building there, then turn right when you see a road after the building. This road will then take you further to the right, into the driveway of the New post office


You need to enter a code for the Front door to get in. You’ve received the code in your check-in info email.


You’ve received your apartment number in the check-in info email.
You enter the house on the ground floor.
Apartments 001-003 are located on the basement floor.
Apartments 101-107 are located on the 2nd floor and apartments 201-2017 are located on the 3rd floor.

In the entry hallway, you’ll find a key-box marked with your apartment number. There you’ll find the key to the room. Your key code has been sent to you by email, along with other check-in information.


Enter your combination and push down the “open” button to open the key box.
When you’ve fetched the key, please close the key-box, by entering the combination again, pushing the “open” button and push the lid upwards.

from 7:00 ( 7 AM) - 22:00 (10PM)

+354 5391420

Emergency phone, after office hours

+354 5393905