Welcome to Vesturgata 14

Check - in time

15:00 / 3PM

Check - out time

10:00 / 10AM

Check-in time

15:00 / 3PM

Check-out time

10:00 / 10PM

Property guide

Please note that this is a self check-in property.

We hope you will enjoy your stay. If you have any problems or questions during your stay, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Please bear in mind that these are our house rules:

  • Smoking is not allowed indoors.
  • Please do not throw cigarettes and mouth tobacco pouches on or from the balconies around of the building.
  • Pets are not allowed
  • No parties or events allowed
  • Please wash the dishes and empty the fridge before departure.

Guests are responsible for any damages incurred during their stay.

Guests are at risk of paying an extra fee if they do not follow the house rules.

Fines for breaking rules:

  • Fire alarm goes off - 200 EUR
  • Lost key - 100 EUR
  • Smoked in the room - 250 EUR
  • Dishes not washed - 50 EUR
  •  Apartment not empty by check-out - 25 EUR for each hour

There is no free dedicated parking spot for the apartment. 

The street parking around the house is pay zone P2.

P2: It is free from 21:00/9PM until 09:00/9AM (10:00/10AM on Sundays).
Please note that you can only park for 3 hours in P1. After that you will be fined, so P1 can not be used for long-term parking. For long-term parking we therefore recommend P2 or P3.

Please note that the parking garages are closed between midnight (00:00) until 7:00 in the morning so you are unable to retrieve your car between those hours.

You can see the parking prices in Reykjavik and a map of the parking zones here.

We recommend using the Parka app to pay for parking.

Feel free to use our free Wi-Fi during your stay.

Username: Heimaleiga

Password: EnjoyYourStay

There is a Smart TV in the apartment with Netflix and other streaming services.
If you don’t have an account for Netflix and you need access, please contact us for login information.

We don't have special designated space for luggage.

There is a good luggage storage at the BSÍ bus-station and one in the Vesturgata Car Park.

All waste is collected in trash bins located in the kitchen.


bins kitchen


Gray/black is for general waste 


Blue is for all paper and carton, newspapers, magazines, and all packaging made from cartons such as milk and juice cartons. Rinse all food from the materials and compress them to make room for more. Do not put any plastics into the blue bin.


Green is for all plastics, both soft and hard. Soft plastics are for example plastic bags, plastic film and bubble plastic. Hard plastics are containers of all sorts, for example yogurt boxes, plastic trays, and shampoo containers. Rinse all food and chemicals from plastics before placing them in the bin.


The brown bin is for food waste. Food waste should be collected in a paper bag. We recommend that you dispose of this bag every 2-3 days and do not throw very moist/wet food waste in it.


Please note that you can also throw the white coffee capsules (from Te&kaffi) into this bin.” should be under the brown bin, before you say where the outside bins are

When the bins are full you can throw the garbage into the bins outside.



Please note that you can also throw the white coffee capsules (from Te&kaffi) into this bin.

You can leave the bottles and cans in the apartment, take it to “Endurvinnslan, if you want to get the deposit back, or bring it to “Grænir skátar” at Hallgrímskirkja and the local Scouts will get the profit.

There is a private laundry room in your apartment, with a washing machine and dryer, which you are welcome to use.




Washing machine 

How to use Add washing liquid in the compartment on the left side of the drawer, choose a program by rotating the large rounded button and push the button with the “start/pause” symbol to start the your chosen washing program.
30°C is approximately 85°F and 40-60°C is 104-140°F.



Dryer - how to use
Turn the dryer on with the black rounded power button on the right side.
Choose a program by rotating the large rounded button. Push the black small button with the “start/pause” symbol to start your chosen drying program.
After drying, please open the water container on the left and empty it. Also, please clean the filter inside the dryer.


There is a Nespresso coffee machine in your apartment.

How it works

Make sure this is enough water in the water tank on the back of the machine. If the buttons show red lights, the water level might be too low.

To add coffee, pull up the handle on top of the machine, add the Nespresso capsule in the compartment and close it by pulling the handle down again.

Choose the type of coffee you want (espresso: small cup or lungo: large cup) by pushing the small rounded buttons with the cup image.

If you can’t close the machine with the handle, the capsule compartment might be full.

Empty the compartment by pulling the front tray, taking the compartment/drawer out and empty it. Place it in the machine again before continuing to make your delightful cup of coffee.

There is a Sleeping sofa in apartment. 



If you need to open the sleeping sofa, here is a video with instructions on how to do that.

There is an Electrolux toaster in your apartment that takes 2 slices of bread at a time.
You can choose the desired toasting time with the rounded knob.


To turn the hob/stove on/off please hold the the power sign for couple of seconds.

Choose what burner you want to use by pushing the button for the desired burner (symbol shows with white box what burner you are choosing).

Increase the power on the desired burner by touching the + (plus) sign and decrease it by touching the - (minus) sign. Please make sure you are adjusting the power for the right burner.If you can not turn the stove on you might have to hold the button with the key symbol (and red light) for a few seconds and then the stove will unlock.Please remember to turn the stove off after using it.
If you have any problems with using the stove, please contact us.


stove top


Please remember to turn the oven off after cooking.

If you have any problems with using the oven, please contact us and tell us what type/brand of oven is in your apartment.

There is an oven in your apartment.



The controls on the oven allow you to choose between several types of cooking and the temperature of the oven. 150°C is around 300°F and 200°C is around 390°F.

If you don’t see rounded knobs to control the program and heat, you might have to push them first, so they “pop out”. You should then be able to turn them in both directions.

Please remember to turn the oven off after cooking.

If you have any problems with using the oven, please contact us and tell us what type/brand of oven is in your apartment.

There is a water kettle in the kitchen.

To turn the kettle on, push the Start/stop button. Push the arrows to choose the desired temperature (you’ll see a light indicating what temperature you’ve chosen). Please see further instructions in this video.


Please do NOT use the kettle for anything else than water.


There is a shower in the apartment with  handheld head.

The left knob is to turn the water on and control the water pressure. The right knob is to control the temperature.

You might need to push the  black button on the knob to increase the heat and get more water flow. Please note that it might take a little while for the water to heat up.

38°C is approximately 100 °F




If you feel that the water has a strange smell, it's because of the sulfur in the geothermal water, which is used as warm water in most houses in Iceland.

Check out is at 10:00/10AM. Guests are expected to leave the apartment in a decent condition. 

Please wash all dirty dishes, glasses and cutlery.

You don’t have to worry about cleaning the towels or sheets, we will take care of that.

Please note that the garbage cans are located behind the house . Help us take care of the environment and sort your waste.

If you need extra things during your stay such as fresh towels, linens, toilet paper etc. please contact us.


If you want to check in earlier or check out later, this is possible in some cases for a small fee. Please contact us to get more information.

If the fire alarm goes off (smoke from toaster etc), please open the windows, to ventilate the apartment. 


If there is a fire in the apartment, please leave the premises and call 112 (emergency services).

Most of Iceland’s houses are heated by geothermal water. The water runs through the radiators heating up the cast iron and warming up the place.


To adjust the settings of a radiator you must turn the knob to a higher or lower setting. The knob is usually located on either side of the radiator.

Note that it takes a little while for the radiators to get hot so don’t put them on full blast just yet. In fact, setting it to 2-3 is usually enough for a radiator that goes up to 5. For a radiator that goes up to 8 the normal setting is about 4-5. Adjusting the setting any higher can lead to rooms getting steamy and the radiators to start emitting heat smell.

In Iceland we have the standard Europlug, a flat, two-pole, round-pin domestic AC power plug, rated for voltages up to 250 V and currents up to 2.5 A.


For these plugs, you can use adapter types “C” or “F”. These are often labeled as a Northern Europe adapter.

95% of all water in Iceland comes from springs in the ground, so it never comes in touch with any pollution. Unlike in many neighboring countries, the Icelandic water is free of chlorine, calcium and nitrate. It contains sulfur, which sometimes gives an egg smell when you use the hot water. 

The quality of tap water in Reykjavík is well monitored, so you are not to worry about drinking directly from the tap, as Icelandic water is one of the purest water you’ll find in the world.

Alcohol is quite expensive in Iceland and can only be bought at state run stores called Vínbúðin. The DutyFree store at the airport is a lot cheaper (you will see all the Icelanders go straight there). If you plan on purchasing alcohol, we recommend doing that before picking up your bags at the airport.

Don’t be fooled by the “beer” you see at local supermarkets. Those are light beers with only 0-2% alcohol.

People under the age of 20 are not allowed to buy alcohol of any kind in Iceland. 

Just a kind reminder: No parties are allowed at the apartment.

There are a number of grocery stores close to Vesturgata 14 Apartment.

There is a small local corner market called “Pétursbúð” 3 min away from the apartment.
10/11, which has more variety of products, is in 6 minutes walking distance, but this store is expensive.

To find lower priced stores, you need to walk for 10 min. or drive 4 min. to Bónus (or Krónan) at Fiskislóð.

The pharmacy closest to Vesturgata 14 is the  Lyfja – Hafnarstræti, which is located at Hafnarstræti 19.

Location is here.

Lyfja offers all goods that relate to health and beauty including prescription drugs, OTC’s, personal care products, vitamins and minerals, health food, cosmetics and is more and more focusing on convenience and service.

If you need taxi service you can call Hreyfill taxi company: +354 5885522 or Taxi Reykjavik BSR +354 5610000


You can also find more information about transportation under “Transportation” further below in this property guide.