Enjoy Vestmannaeyjar

The Westman Islands, or as the locals call it: “Vestmannaeyjar”, is a unique place to experience during your trip to Iceland. Vestmannaeyjar is an island with rich history. Don’t miss out on the amazing nature scenery, exceptional restaurants and fascinating museums. 

On this page we’ll share information about the local restaurants on the island. 

Other food options in Vestmannaeyjar

Ranya Kebab (kebabs and pizzas)

67 (pizzas)

Tvisturinn (burgers, pizzas, hot dogs and sandwiches)

Ísey skyrbar (Skyr bowls, Skyr drinks and wraps)

Vigtin (concept bakery)

Eyjabakarí (traditional bakery)

Discover the attractions and tours in Vestmannaeyjar

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