Car rental

We recommend using DoHop  when searching for car rentals in Iceland. The rental car companies are very similar but this search engine will help you find the best deals.

Parking prices

Here you can find everything about the parking prices in Reykjavik and a map of the parking zones

We recommend using the Parka app to pay for parking


If you are not planning on renting a car, the most common and best way for small groups is the FlyBus from Keflavik International Airport. 

When it comes to selecting the Flybus you have two options: the regular Flybus which takes you to the central bus station at BSÍ and the Flybus+ which drops you off at a selected location. 

Your nearest drop-off location is 

If you have a return ticket with FlyBus it’s most convenient for you to take the bus to the airport from BSÍ bus station.

Public bus from KEF airport

The public bus nr. 55 travels regularly throughout the day from the airport to the capital area. Please note that the bus does not always drive all the way to BSI bus station, downtown Reykjavik. In those cases the last stop is at Fjörður, in Hafnarfjörður, which is a town just outside Reykjavik.  Learn more.

You can see the prices for bus nr. 55 here

You can purchase your bus ticket at the airport with card or cash.


Please note that while this is the fastest way of commuting from the airport, Taxi is also the most expensive one. 

The price for 1-4 people is 16.500 ISK and 21.500 ISK for 5-8 persons (this price can vary – price collected November 2022).

You can book a taxi in advance by sending an email to

Tel.: +354 5610000

See more info here

You can use these numbers to call a taxi within Reykjavík:

Hreyfill: +354 5885522

Taxi Reykjavik BSR: +354 5610000

Public transportation in Reykjavik

The closest bus stops to your apartment are “Þjóðskjalasafnið” and “Laugavegur”.

A number of buses stop at these bus stops.

Here you can plan your route.

Here you can see the timetables and the route maps for all the public buses.

The best way to purchase a ticket for the public bus is to download the app “Klapp”.

For Apple , For Play store

This is the price table for public bus

You can browse through the different transportation options from KEF airport here

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